An Exotic Tree Full of Color and Candles

An Exotic Tree Full of Color and Candles"

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This tree full of some of the most exotic and spectacular flower blooms seems to belong only in the imagination, only... it really is real! Oh... and candles... battery powered! This truly is a spectacular work of art that cannot help but leave whoever sees it speechless and in awe! Flowers include some (or all of) various colored miniature Calla Lilies, Cymbidium and other Orchids, Roses, Hanging Green Amaranthus, Green Hydrangea, Bells of Ireland, Lisianthus, gorgeous colored Roses, and who knows what else!

NOTE: Types of flowers may vary accoridng to availability and floral artist's discretion. An extra day or two's notice might be necessary when ordering this product due to the complexity and extensive amount of time required for our floral artists to create it.